Watch the First Episode of Food Club with Aziz Ansari, Eric Wareheim, and Jason Woliner

Three comedians set sail on a culinary voyage of ridiculous magnitude

We’re up to our double-chins in food TV these days, but there’s a new one premiering on YouTube today with some of the most esteemed food judges around—or so they would like to think. Food Club follows comedians Eric Wareheim, Aziz Ansari, and Jason Woliner on a tongue-in-cheek romp through L.A.’s food scene, bestowing honorable plaques to their favorite restaurants—all while dressed like ship captains. The first episode premieres today on Wareheim’s YouTube channel features local hotspots including Son of A Gun, Ink., the Gorbals, Wolvesmouth, and the secret beef mecca Totoraku. Even L.A.’s culinary sea captain himself, the L.A. Times‘ Jonathan Gold, makes an appearance. We proudly give the show our honorable plaque for hilariousness. See for yourself, here.