Watch Kanye West Perform “Gold Digger” in an Impromptu American Idol Audition

The rapper came with his pregnant wife in tow

Kanye West never fails to disappoint. Whether he’s waxing poetic about what it means to be a genius, pondering his own similarities to Jesus, or just regular old Kanye West-ing, the rapper is a constant source of inspiration and entertainment.

When he showed up at the San Francisco American Idol auditions, E! reports that the whole Idol team was caught unawares. Host Ryan Seacrest told the news outlet that, “We were in San Francisco, and they said, ‘We’ve got a contestant that’s just going to jump into the line’… And up walked Kim and Kanye—Kim pregnant and Kanye enthusiastic and ready to go in there.”

Of course, the fact that Seacrest produces Keeping Up with the Kardashians makes his claim to ignorance a touch suspect, but regardless. Kanye took to the ubiquitous American Idol audition stage, and told the judges that he planned to perform “something original” that had one of their names in it. Here, the full performance: