Watch Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen Make All the Money, Shill for Bud Light

The comedians star in the company’s new Super Bowl ad

Amy Schumer is a relatively sure bet in Hollywood these days. Beloved by (nearly) all, Schumer’s only critics seem to be misogynistic trolls with Internet connections and too much time on their hands.

Put the lovely Ms. Schumer together with comedy’s other sweetheart, the jovial, teddy bearish Seth Rogen, and you’re as close to guaranteed success as can be.

This fact was not lost on Bud Light, who hired the two actors to star in their newest Super Bowl ad, “Raise One to Right Now.” In it, Schumer and Rogen play politicians on the campaign trail, hitting all the requisite American stops: A rodeo, a construction site, and a basketball game, where Paul Rudd makes a guest appearance.

Will this make Schumer and Rogen’s fans—many of whom are probably devoted craft-beer enthusiasts—drink Bud Light? Who can say. But it’s a rock solid swing for the fences.