Want to Hear Country Music in DTLA? Go To This Gothic Bar from American Horror Story

Weird, we know, but trust us

Villains Tavern has long been heralded for their decor (gothic/steampunk—it even set the scene for season one of American Horror Story), their cocktails (fresh/delicious), their events (themed), and their prime location (Arts District/edgy outskirts). But the venue, which opened in 2010, also puts on shows featuring some of the best outlaw country and Americana artists in—or passing through—the city, and for those Angelenos who would rather hear steel guitar than EDC, it opens up a whole new nightlife opportunity.

When founder Dana Hollister designed Villains Tavern, she told LAist that she wanted to create “an outlaw place, or like a villains outlaw place.” That was achieved in part with the bar’s name (self-explanatory), and in part with bringing in artists who subscribe to a mentality of eschewing record labels, drinking whiskey onstage, and two-stepping until sweat covers your back. The bar has accrued a hugely respectable list of residents and regulars, and over the past year, they’ve featured bands like Urban Grass, RT N’ the 44s, We The Folk, and Daniel Lawrence Walker.

Not sure who those artists are (or need a refresher)? Here are some videos to get up to speed. Give them a listen, then pour a flask of whiskey, put it in your boot (as God intended), and Uber (safety first!) over to Palmetto Street.