The Ultimate Voter Guide to Local Issues and Candidate Endorsements

Because democracy demands that we know what we’re doing

California’s “Official Voter Information Guide” is 224 pages, which seems long, but if California was its own country it would be one of the most powerful on earth, so is 224 pages really that long? Probably not. Still, who has time to read the damn thing?

This is where the media, political parties and independent groups play an important role in democracy, because they help inform voters about local ballot measures, as well as the political candidates who aren’t running for president. In other words, the other 98 percent of the ballot. Get up to speed for November 8, 2016, with…

Explanations of ballot issues (those things we vote on directly like we’re ancient Greece or something)

screen-shot-2016-10-27-at-3-49-48-pmAll of the local ballot issues, explained (LA Mag)
SUPER-easy descriptions of all six local ballot measures, including the huge homelessness measure

All of the state measures, explained (
Non-partisan and kind of beautiful voter guide for all 17 California state measures, which includes a major vote on marijuana legalization

A quick guide to a long list of props (KCET)
Helpful 60-second videos explaining each state ballot measure

Official Voter Information Guide (State of California)
This is that giant grey mass of words that came in the mail, which is useful if you want to get into the weeds on a specific state ballot measure

Measures appearing on the ballot (Los Angeles County)
Brief official descriptions of county and state measures

The political parties we all loathe (unless they’re our own party, in which case they’re perfect) 

The Democratic Party of Los Angeles Endorsements

The Green Party of Los Angeles Endorsements for Measures and Candidates

Libertarian Party of California Endorsements for Measures and Candidates

The Republican Party of Los Angeles Endorsements

The corrupt media (which is not actually corrupt you need to stop getting all your news from people who shout) and local organizations 



Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce Endorsements

Los Angeles Daily News Endorsements

Los Angeles Times Endorsements

And helpful all-purpose voting info from your local Parks & Rec type folks

Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder (County of Los Angeles)
Resources for the act of voting in Los Angeles

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