Hollywood’s Vogue Theater Gets Another Life at 86

Later this year, the Hollywood Boulevard landmark is set to reopen as the Vogue Multicultural Museum

Eighty-six years ago today the Vogue theater opened on Hollywood Boulevard at Las Palmas. Later this year it will reopen as the Vogue Multicultural Museum. The splashy, neon-soaked confection was dreamed up by L.A.’s great theater architect S. Charles Lee (whose Downtown Tower Theater was recently restored and reopened as an Apple store) and continually showed movies until 2001. The landmark 800-seat venue spent much of the last two decades dark and empty, with the exception of a short-lived nightlife venue called Supperclub and a movie prop gallery operated by the auction house Screenbid. Movie theater buff Quentin Tarantino turned back the exterior to 1969 during filming of his epic Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

vogue theater
The Vogue getting its 1969 makeover in 2018

Chris Nichols

When the 12,000 square foot venue reopens this fall it will house a traveling exhibition showcasing 50 years of the band Pink Floyd. More than 350 props, costumes, and artifacts the psychedelic rockers used over their long career were assembled by members of the band along with their longtime photographer Aubrey ‘Po’ Powell. The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains debuted in London in 2017 and has traveled throughout Europe. Hollywood is the first destination in the U.S.

The museum, created by producer Diego González, has lined up exhibitions based on the worlds of Alice in Wonderland creator Lewis Carroll and H.R. Giger, the designer behind the creatures in the Alien movies.

“The Vogue Multicultural Museum will be a space devoted to creating unique cultural events,” González told Broadway World. “Our mission is to become an important place in the city, and have the venue be recognized for its innovative, never-before-seen, quality exhibitions.”

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