Getting Bored? These Virtual Parties and Immersive Game Nights Might Help

Looks like we’re in for a few more months of partying on the couch. Time to get creative

Feeling more claustrophobic than cozy in your bubble? Check out these exciting immersive soirees, and join the party from your couch.


This virtual club invites you to spend Saturday night hopping from Zoom room to Zoom room and take in everything from a regal drag queen blaring “I Will Survive” to a neon-clad DJ playing house beats to a voluptuous burlesque beauty contorting her body about. Come in your wildest getup, drink in hand, ready to dance.

How it works Buy your tickets ($13-$23 at in advance, and you’ll receive a Zoom link that’ll let you into the club, which is live for 60 minutes. During the event, code words will pop up on the page, allowing you to hop from room to room.

Who you might encounter Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda; nightlife notables stuck at home.

Real-world equivalent Exploring all the dark little corners of Koreatown’s Break Room 86 and dancing with a different stranger in each nook.

Upcoming dates March 6, 13, 20, 27.

The Place You Once Forgot

Created by L.A.’s Ladybug & Leviathan, this playful bit of immersive theater was a hit in real life at the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe. It’s now a virtual experience that involves both an old-fashioned phone call and a Zoom session that lead participants through a series of whimsical stories and activities meant to conjure a sense of childlike wonder. To say more would be spoiling the fun.

How it works At press time, Ladybug & Leviathan hadn’t released dates for upcoming events, but ticketing information should be posted soon on the company’s Instagram (@ladybugandleviathan). When it’s showtime, have a phone and a computer at the ready. Things kick off with a chatty call from a character.

Who you might encounter Your childhood imaginary friend.

Real-world equivalent Watching Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind with your shrink on molly.

Upcoming dates TBD.

Dr. Crumb’s School for Disobedient Pets

Two former Pixar employees have created a 50-minute virtual-reality game that sends players on a mission to infiltrate the lab of a mad scientist who’s been holding pets captive. Participants work together to solve a series of puzzles.

How it works Dr. Crumb’s is designed for two to four players and requires everyone have a VR headset. Teams purchase tickets ($99 per group at for a specific time, and everyone receives an email with an app to download. At the appointed hour, participants put on their headsets and select avatars. A live improv actor guides everyone through the adventure.

Who you might encounter Your most tech savvy friends; your nephew, whom you’re always trying to convince you’re cool.

Real-world equivalent An escape room, with a comedian as your cluemaster.

Upcoming dates It’s ongoing. Book at will.

At Home with Rhinestone Gorilla

Rhinestone Gorilla is an irreverent performance group founded by Jenny Weinbloom, the former executive producer of Santa Fe’s famed Meow Wolf art collective. The company’s video series featuring puppets, Claymation, and original songs—a sort of Pee-wee’s Playhouse, if Pee-wee were a gang of art-school students gone awry. Episode-premiere parties feature a live-chat beforehand and games after.

How it works Buy tickets ($5 at, and you’ll get an email with instructions to join the party.

Who you might encounter That girl who sat in the back of your college feminist and queer theory class.

Real-world equivalent Sesame Street, but with burlesque stars.

Upcoming dates March 4, April 1 and 29.

Ghost Ship

Gather six to ten friends (remotely) and choose from five murder-mystery stories, among them a mafia plot and a Bachelor-esque reality show where the stud gets offed. Using Gather—a video-calling platform that’s similar to Zoom but allows for more side conversations and easy interaction—guests assemble in a virtual “room” to play whodunit.

How it works Book your mystery ($30 a person at, and await an email containing a character list and notification of who the murderer is. When it’s time to party, guests log in and are greeted by a Ghost Ship rep, who provides clues and instructions throughout the event. The plot plays out over two hours, with costumed guests lying and cheating to advance their character’s arc and solve the crime.

Real-world equivalent High school drama club.

Who you might encounter Overly dramatic, overdressed versions of your nearest and dearest.

Upcoming dates It’s ongoing. Come whenever the spirit moves you.

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