Tyler Perry’s ‘The Oval’ Star Nick Barrotta Shares Fitness Tips (Video)

”For me it’s become more of a lifestyle. It’s not always about feeling good physically, but it’s a mental thing as well,” actor tells Los Angeles magazine

Nick Barrotta’s career in Hollywood is definitely one ripped from the guidebook of the American dream. Boy has aspirations, boy pursues aspirations and through hard work, perseverance and determination boy achieves aspirations.

Nick began his dalliance with Hollywood many years ago going out on the scene in New York and Los Angeles networking and interviewing celebrities for his own video channel. Barrotta also started modeling, acting and doing on-air correspondent work for multiple publications. He quickly began building a following across social media and it wasn’t too long before his big break opportunity came a knocking when he was hired as the bailiff on popular syndicated program Divorce Court. Shortly thereafter, he landed a plum role on Tyler Perry’s BET series The Oval.

Now, Barrotta’s career may have evolved but one aspect of his lifestyle that has always remained a cornerstone is fitness. Los Angeles magazine caught up with the actor to grill him for some workout tips and find out what’s next for his character, Allan.

You were born in L.A., why did your family leave when you were so young?
My parents are originally from New York. They spent 10 plus years in Los Angeles before moving back. In 1994 there was an earthquake that destroyed our home at the time. I’m pretty sure that’s when they said “I think it’s time to go!” Nonetheless, LA is a special place to me and I’m proud to have been born there.

What is the connection you have always felt to the city?
I love spending time in LA and I’m blessed to be able to spend as much time there as I do. Being the entertainment capital of the world, I’ve been able to meet so many successful people in the industry and many doors have opened up for me because of it. LA has inspired me in many ways. Also we can’t forget to mention the beautiful weather. Can’t beat it.

What is in store for Allan in the upcoming season of The Oval on BET?
It’s been a tough ride for Allan. He is still processing the loss of his girlfriend Ellie while trying to maintain his position as the assistant to the Chief of Staff. Not knowing who to trust, he is ready to take matters in his own hands. He’s just got to be smart about it! But I can assure you, things only get crazier and there’s a lot to look forward to. I think Season 4 is going to be the best season yet.

Nick Barrotta as Allan in “The Oval.” (Photo: BET/Tyler Perry Studios)

(Photo: BET/Tyler Perry Studios)

As an actor, you obviously have to take care of your body, what is your diet like? Can you eat anything you want?
I try to eat as clean as I can day-to-day. My diet consists of whole food sources, high protein and fruits and vegetables. I also try to drink as much water as I can throughout each day. I’m very conscious of what I put into my body but I don’t drive myself crazy. I love going out to dinner – you have to have some fun too!

What is your cheat meal?
I’m Italian and live in New York. I’d be lying if I didn’t say pizza. Also, my grandma is 95 years old this month and luckily for us, she’s still in the kitchen working magic! I can never pass on her Sunday sauce! 

Tell us about your go to workout?
I’ve been working out consistently with my coach Tyler Brown out of 8 Well located in my hometown of Huntington, NY. Tyler and I focus on strength training and conditioning. Each day we focus on different types of workouts and movements. From squats and deadlifts to kettle bell swings and sled pushes – we have fun with it all. He pushes me on the regular! 

(Photo: Nick Dimatteo/Limitless Marketing)

How important is cardio in your regimen?
It’s important but it’s not everything. I don’t believe in having to hit the treadmill everyday in order to lose weight and stay in shape. Instead, we work cardio into a lot of workouts. With that said, I do enjoy cardio a lot of time outside of the gym. For example bike rides, neighborhood runs and hikes. 

What is your trick for working on the abs?
Abs are one of, if not the hardest muscles to build. At 8 Well we focus on compound lifting which engages the core – it’s not always about how many sit ups you can do.

When getting ready for a shirtless scene, how do you prepare?
If I’m heading into production we’ll adjust the diet a little bit from a calorie stand point and focus more on HIIT workouts. However, It depends on the role and what’s asked of you. For Tyler Perry’s The Oval I like to stay as lean as I can. 

(Photo: Nick Dimatteo/Limitless Marketing)

On days when you don’t feel like hitting the gym, how do you motivate yourself to go?
For me it’s become more of a lifestyle. It’s not always about feeling good physically but it’s a mental thing as well. Sure, there are days I don’t feel like working out but just like anything else you have to show up and stay disciplined! It doesn’t always have to be intense – sometimes even a 20 minute workout could do the trick – as long as you’re feeling good and pushing yourself.

How many days a week do you recommend we hit the gym?
It depends on your schedule and what’s available for you, of course. Personally, I’m in the gym 4-5 days a week. Rest days are also important. 

Besides going to a gym, what are other ways to stay fit?
Just be active and move. Again, you can break a sweat out on a bike ride, neighborhood walks or hikes. If you’re not a fan of working out in the gym and you can get your hands on some basic workout equipment – make it work at home. 

Many people do not have fun exercising –what’s your tip for finding the fun?
If you’re someone who is contemplating on starting their fitness journey I say just say go for it. You won’t look back in regret. Set goals with some friends and hold each other accountable. It’s fun to find different classes and activities to keep things interesting and exciting. Why not be the best version of yourself if you have the opportunity to do so? That sounds like fun to me. 


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