Elon Musk Trolls Twitter for Threatening to Sue Over Busted Deal

Funtime billionaire and would-be corporate raider Musk poked some holes in the social media outfit’s legal reasoning

When Twitter said they’d take him to court over his terminated takeover, Elon Musk had his response locked and loaded.

Nothing can scare the world’s richest man, so on Sunday after reports that the social media platform threatened to sue him for officially trying to wriggle out of his mega-acquisition offer, the SpaceX chief shared a hearty belly-laugh with the world.

Must tweeted a photo booth-scroll meme, featuring images of himself in mid-cackle, beside the text, “They said I couldn’t buy Twitter. Then they wouldn’t disclose bot info. Now they want to force me to buy Twitter in court. Now they have to disclose bot info in court.”


Musk filed papers July 8 to officially end his $44 billion bid to buy Twitter, with Musk’s side claiming that Twitter was in “material breach” of the agreement and had made “false and misleading” statements during negotiations.

In a statement to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Team Musk wrote, “For nearly two months, Mr. Musk has sought the data and information necessary to ‘make an independent assessment of the prevalence of fake or spam accounts on Twitter’s platform.’” But, they claim, “Twitter has failed or refused to provide this information.”

In June, Musk claimed that Twitter was dodging the spambot issue, and threatened to bust up the buy.

Eventually, whichever party is found responsible for ruining the deal will have to cough up a $1 billion penalty fee.

Musk began this fickle courtship back with his April 13 takeover bid, following his acquisition of 9.1 percent of Twitter’s stock. He offered the platform $44 billion at $54.20 a share, which seems like an awful lot of trouble just to make a 420 joke in an SEC filing.

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