Two Questions For Jenny Okun

Photographer Jenny Okun answers our questions about her latest book, Dreamscapes: The Photographic Art of Jenny Okun, and about splitting her time between London and L.A.

I know you’ve had your work published in other photography books and had a book of your architecture photographs published as well. What is different about this project?
Dreamscapes is a collection of images I have been making for 20 years alongside the main body of my work, which consists of architectural images. These multi-faceted images were created using digital shots taken on location, then combining six of those shots together in Photoshop. The resulting image is a fantasy using my memory of a location, which often resembles a dreamlike state.  

You have studios in both London and L.A. How is living and photographing in these two cities different? 
In London I spend my days thinking about visual ideas and researching where to go next to explore and photograph. I visit many museums and am open-minded about what I am looking for. I travel and photograph most of the summer in Europe, with trips to many countries further afield for more exotic exploration.

In Los Angeles I dig in my studio and don’t want to come out until I have created images from my travels. I print my editions, organize exhibitions, and create in Photoshop. I work very long days. My studio is like a large dark cave. When I come out to return home, I am blasted by sunshine, which is relaxing.