Two Questions For Emma Koenig

Comedienne and blogger Emma Koenig of F*ck I’m In My Twenties humors us on the travails of life in your twenties and bi-coastal living.

What is one of the most awkward moments you’ve experienced thus far in your twenties?
The worst moments are things so horrifying that they can only be shared with friends after a few drinks and not in a magazine! But one that I’m willing to open up about is my unfortunate collection of instances of crying in public — sometimes to strangers — and being unable to stop. Real fun times.

I know you divide your time between New York City and Los Angeles. Any big differences between twenty-something culture in these two cities?
I think the twenties culture is inherently different because in NYC, you’re a tightly packed bunch of sardines and in L.A., you’re a bunch of sardines that someone took out of the container and threw around the room. The density of NYC changes the social interactions, dating scene, job search, real estate possibilities. I could go on forever with this. The thing that feels the most different to me is the social dynamic.

F*ck I’m In My Twenties is available now.