Two and a Half Men


Last night 28 million people watched Ashton Kutcher arrive sopping wet on the doorstep of Charlie’s Malibu pad for the season prem of Two and a Half Men. They’ve killed Charlie off (Rose did the honors, pushing him in front of a subway when he cheated on her during their honeymoon —“His body just exploded like a balloon full of meat”). The funeral was crass —the STD jokes from the ladies/mourners were plentiful yet clever. Kutcher arrived post funeral as heart-broken internet billionaire Walden Schmidt who knocks on the door to use the phone following a failed suicide attempt, “The water was cold!” He ends up buying Charlie’s old house at the end of the episode after making friends with Alan (Jon Cryer). He also takes his clothes off … a lot. I hurried home to watch this (I’m not home a lot and don’t TiVo) and did catch myself smiling. People were buzzing about the show all over town today and the reviews seemed split. I liked it. I’m going to give it a few more Mondays. What did you think of the first post-Sheen show? Comment below …

Photo courtesy CBS