A New Movie Imagines that Tupac Is Alive and Well and Living in New Mexico

The latest Tupac conspiracy theory…

Iconic L.A. rapper Tupac Shakur died in September 1996 at University Medical Center in Las Vegas after being fatally shot while driving down Las Vegas Boulevard. For one reason or another, generations of music fans have declined to believe this is true. Among them: Vegas-based filmmaker Rick Boss.

In a recent interview with Vegas news outlet KTNV, the Boss revealed that he is currently making a new film about Tupac, tentatively titled 2Pac: The Great Escape from UMC, which explores an alternate reality in which the rapper actually was never shot and is currently alive in New Mexico.

According to Boss, the rapper was told about the planned shooting and an escape plan was created, which included a double in producer Suge Knight’s BMW and a private helicopter at the ready to have him airlifted out of UMC to a Navajo reservation in New Mexico.

“This movie is about 2Pac actually escaping from the University Medical Center here in Vegas and relocating to New Mexico and getting protection from the Navajo tribe,” Boss explained.

The film might sound like complete fiction, but Boss claims that this information was given to him by members of Tupac’s family and inner circle.

Meanwhile, actor Richard Garcia, who portrays Tupac in the film, believes that the legendary rapper actually did die. “He’s gone but he lives on,” Garcia says. “He lives on through all of us and through our memories and through our hearts and through our tribute.”

The film is slated for a 2021 release.

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