The Trump Golf Club in L.A. Appears to Be Losing Popularity During the Trump Presidency

Strange. Could these two things possibly be related?

Unless you’re a golfer, it’s unlikely you’ve ever laid eyes on the Trump National Golf Club in Ranchos Palos Verdes. But it’s out there. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and its 18 holes are known for being a challenge to play. The club is also, according to the Washington Post, not exactly thriving now that its owner is the most powerful golfer in the world.

According to reporters David A. Fahrenthold and Rob Kuznia:

  • Revenues from greens fees have dropped by 13 percent since Donald Trump launched his presidential candidacy in 2015
  • Charity golf events are fleeing the course and booking other venues
  • TV shows and movies have almost stopped filming there entirely
  • Fewer people are getting married on the grounds

The article paints a sad picture of one of LA’s prime pieces of real estate.

On one recent summer Saturday, it was easy to spot signs of the Trump course’s troubles. Just before 7 a.m., for instance, the course’s online schedule showed 40 of the day’s 65 tee times were still available.

Later that same night — when golf clubs become social hubs here — the contrast was even more obvious. At Los Verdes, the clubhouse bustled with preparations for a wedding reception. At Terranea Resort, another nearby club, there was another wedding reception, a live band and a mentalist performing for a crowd. Cars circled the parking lot, looking for spaces.

At the Trump club, the parking lot was a quarter-full.

The ballrooms were empty and quiet. No weddings.

At the course’s upscale restaurant, with $56 steaks, a keyboardist played mood music for a dinner crowd of two.

You can read the whole article here.