Trump Buddy and L.A. Moneyman Tom Barrack Walks on Spy Charges

Accused foreign agent and Presidential Inaugural Committee Chairman Tom Barrack was acquitted on all charges in New York Friday

It’s a beautiful sunny fall afternoon in New York City, but perhaps no one is happier to be here today than former Trump best friend and Presidential Inaugural Committee Chairman Tom Barrack, who was just acquitted on all nine counts of acting as an unregistered agent of a foreign government, obstructing justice, and making material false statements to the FBI.

After more than 15 months spent preparing for his trial at federal court in downtown Brooklyn, and facing the very real prospect of spending the next ten years of his life—or perhaps even the rest of it—in prison, the 75-year-old Los Angeles private equity guru and one-time billionaire got his ankle monitor removed—he wasn’t under house arrest, but the Feds wanted to assure he didn’t leave the country—walked down the courthouse staircase together with his former assistant, 29-year-old Matthew Grimes—who had also been indicted for being an unregistered foreign agent, and was acquitted as well—to a cheering crowd more than twenty-deep.

After shaking the hands of the court security officers who guard the lobby and operate the security scanners—like any good mentee, Grimes not only followed suit, but even doled out hugs—Barrack headed outside to give the kind of extemporaneous press conference that perhaps only a master salesman who has taken the risk of testifying in his own defense for nearly a week and prevailed, can.

“God bless America,” said the Lebanese-American Barrack, who had been accused of secretly working to advance the interests of the United Arab Emirates both within the Trump administration as well as with the public at large, via the media.

“The system works,” he proclaimed. “Against all odds, these twelve people, normal people, with such complex unbelievable facts in front of them, somehow fight through all of the quagmire to find Lady Justice with a torch burning and a judge who protects them, who takes that complexity and puts it into threads of simplicity. And I’m on my way to the Statue of Liberty to see those chains broken at her feet and that torch of enlightenment.”

And then Barrack and his entourage—a mix of lawyers, luxuriously-dressed family members, PR people, and security men—began threading their way en masse through the grassy plaza in front of the courthouse onto Henry Street, heading north. At the end of Henry, they turned left onto Old Fulton and, indeed, began heading to the East River. Were they going to the Statute of Liberty for real?

As they approached the pier, however, Barrack and his entourage turned once more, headed into the “sustainable luxury” hotel One Brooklyn Bridge, and went up to the rooftop bar to celebrate in the sun.

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