Troop LaBonge


Our esteemed city councilman Tom LaBonge called Monday afternoon to invite us to his annual summer solstice picnic atop Mt. Hollywood and I jumped at the chance. Meeting at Griffith Observatory we were greeted by Director Ed Krupp. However, since the longest day of the year actually fell on Saturday and city holidays are observed on Mondays, he was authorized to reschedule the solar event.  Tom was quick to climb the more than 500 feet, prompting the Sierra Club tour guide nearby to quip “He’s got legs like a horse.” At the top of the peak was a picnic spread, flags of our 25 sister cities, and enough cheerful grinning CD 4 denizens to keep the entire hillside glowing through a puffy pink sunset. As we were being buzzed by an LAPD chopper, Tom hopped on top of a picnic table and led everyone in a salute to Chief Bratton. Hundreds of us did the wave as the sun set below the Hollywood sign.