Tower Heist Hits Theaters This Weekend


What happens when Hawkeye, Ferris Bueller and Gumby share the big screen? You get a chuckle out of it AND you get sentimental, you’re so damned happy to see them. Of course, I’m referring to the parts Alan Alda, Matthew Broderick and Eddie Murphy made famous early in their careers. The fellas join Ben Stiller, Casey Affleck, Michael Pena, Gabourey Sidibe and others in Tower Heist which opens today. I bought most of the crazy plot. Stiller puts together a crew to steal back money Alda (fun to see him play baddie Arthur Shaw) makes off with Madoff-style, from the staff of the luxury building he lives in—The Tower (played by Trump Tower in NY)— where Stiller is manager. Tea Leoni plays the agent out to nail Alda and she always sparkles in anything she is in. I enjoyed director Brett Ratner’s romp (made me hopeful for the Oscar show he is producing next year with Murphy as host). It’s soclose, just don’t overthink it or you’ll be hey-wait-a-minuting it in a few spots (let me know if the Casey Affleck mid-movie twist bothers you). This one is like bubbles in champagne. Frothy, yet worth the bucks.

Photos courtesy David Lee/Universal Pictures    

1. Josh Kovaks, Mr. Fitzhugh (great name), Dev’Reaux, Charlie and Slide—surveillance

2. Arthur Shaw patronizing Josh