L.A. Tourism Board Deftly Claps Back at President with “Everyone Is Welcome” Ad

Not all tourism boards wear capes

The Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board launched a new ad campaign today, and its message, “Everyone is welcome,” is intended to remind travelers that the Trump administration’s general “Stay the hell away, foreigners!” vibe does not enjoy local support. The video, set to the Father John Misty song “Real Love Baby,” follows a series of bright paper airplanes as they fly over various neighborhoods, revealing the city’s diversity. The tourism board posted the 90-second commercial on its Discover Los Angeles social media accounts this morning with the message, “We believe that what makes us different brings us together. Help Los Angeles share this welcome message with the world.”

As exclusionary policies from Washington send a decidedly unwelcoming message to international visitors, the city is rightly worried about the economic impact of fewer tourists. Don Skeoch, CMO of Discover Los Angeles, told Adweek, “We felt compelled that we had to do something about this to try and mitigate these losses.” The new ad campaign extends an open invitation to potential visitors. It ends by displaying the words: “We welcome everyone” in several languages.

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