Topher Grace On How Far Marijuana on TV Has Come Since ‘That 70s Show’

”We sat around and we were like every sitcom has every holiday so we should do a 4/20 one,” actor says of Wednesday night’s ”Home Economics” episode

Topher Grace has seen a major marijuana evolution since he first appeared in Hollywood. The 43-year-old actor began his career on That ‘70s Show with an iconic smoking scene that never even showed a joint. Now, he’s starring and executive producing in a network sitcom called Home Economics, in which Wednesday’s episode (4/20) will explore busy parents eating a THC gummy to take the edge off a stressful night. 

“It’s crazy to see how much has changed in terms of everyone’s attitude towards [marijuana on television],” Grace told Los Angeles magazine. 

“There was a lot of excitement when ABC was cool with it,” he added. “It’s something we couldn’t have done five years ago and [Home Economics] is a prime time show and ABC gave us no issues with it. They were wonderful.” 

That wasn’t always Grace’s experience with marijuana on television. Grace remembers having to cut scenes that even implied smoking was occurring back when he was filming That ‘70s Show.  

“It was so controversial that we were smoking pot during that episode,” he said. “I think we had to cut stuff out of the pilot. They did that shot where it rotates around and it’s one shot behind the joint, but there’s a shot at the end where we’re wafting smoke out of the room when my parents called down with records and they made us cut that from the pilot.” 

On the contrary, this week’s Home Economics episode will show the entire Hayworth family attending the Windmount Academy musical to support Gretchen (Shiloh Bearman) and Sarah (Caitlin McGee). Meanwhile, in an effort to help calm Tom’s (Grace) nerves as he awaits news about his book, Marina (Karla Souza) proposes they take the edge off and relax by taking edibles.

“We sat around and we were like every sitcom has every holiday so we should do a 4/20 one,” Grace said. “This is a great episode. The writers did a great job with it. There was no censorship from anyone. We wanted to keep it very real.”

Grace continued to give props to Souza for her portrayal of being under the influence. 

“Karla’s hilarious. There were a couple scenes where I turned to her and I was like, ‘Are you high?’ It was so convincing,” Grace said. “She wasn’t, but it was so convincing I had to ask her if she took a little something. She’s very good at it.” 

Home Economics airs Wednesdays at 9:30pm EST on ABC. 

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