Top 5 Small Press Booths at Comic-Con


Shing Yin Khor, who we wrote about in our July issue, is living every comic book geek’s dream: After beating out hundreds of applicants she’ll be featured in the coveted Small Press exhibition at Comic-Con 2012. For her quirky Web comic, Marlowe the Monster, Khor sculpts adorable, expressive clay characters, which she photographs as they suffer through layoffs, bad dates, and life’s other mundanities. Here, she gives a shout-out to her Top 5 can’t miss booths. Oh, and if you want to find Khor, look for her — and Marlowe — in small press booth P-06 as Sawdust Press.

1. Beastlies (N-09): Beastlies are one of a kind polymer clay sculptures of very personable beasts sculpted by Leslie Levings. These little guys are the highlight of conventions I go to — and of my desk!. I’m amassing a growing collection.

2. The Devastator (B-04): The Devastator is a quarterly comedy magazine populated by a crew of hilarious and usually irreverent writers and artists, mostly from the Los Angeles area. I’ve been a contributor, but more importantly, I’m a subscriber.

3. Just Jenn Designs (N-10): Just Jenn is known for her complex and nerdy recipes, but she’s also an excellent purveyor of funny, geeky stationary. My favourite are these awesome cards that say “I like Big Bundts.” (Get it? It’s a cake joke. Ehhhehe.)

4. Tugboat Press (K-06): Tugboat Press’ comic anthologies were my favorite find at Wondercon earlier this year. They’re a fantastic introduction to the world of indie comics, especially the heartfelt and honest ones.

5. Monkey Minion Press (O-02): I bought one of their excellent “Visit Gotham City” magnets, which now lives happily on my fridge. This booth is always overflowing with cute and nerdy things, such as crocheted Dr. Who and Star Wars dolls and other assorted piratey and roboty goodness.