TONIGHT: Rumours, Fleetwood Mac Cover Band Debuts

Thunder will happen, whether or not it’s raining

Some cover bands merely get on stage and play their favorite group’s greatest hits. Rumours is a collective of another stripe. Featuring members of Rooney and Ben Lee’s band, the Fleetwood Mac devotees are halfway between a traditional cover band and a performance art troupe.

Formed in the summer of 2012, they spent months meticulously researching Fleetwood Mac, trying to incorporate every detail about the band (both on-stage and off) into their show: period-accurate equipment, fake British accents, subtle vocal intonations, tormented intra-band romances, and, of course, scarves. Lots and lots of scarves. Tonight, Rumours makes their debut at the Roxy. Gold dust women and men of the world are invited.