TONIGHT: Music by Glass – Dance by Diavolo

A rumination on shapes that utilizes a retro-futuristic fiberglass form

Fluid Infinities, the final installment of Diavolo’s collaborative trilogy with the L.A. Phil, finds dancers exploring the metaphors of infinite space on an abstract dome-shaped structure. On the Hollywood Bowl stage, they execute daring interpretations to a sweeping orchestral score. Led by Jacques Heim, this piece is the third in his commissions of new works with the L.A. Phil including Foreign Bodies (2007), with the music of Esa-Pekka Salonen, and Fearful Symmetries (2010), with a John Adams score.

The first two iterations of this dance triad explored geometric forms, focusing their attention on a cubes and blocks. Fluid Identities furthers this rumination on shapes by utilizing a piece of fiberglass displaying retro-futuristic form–a sleek metallic curve with Swiss-cheese-like holes scattered throughout. The arc is situated on a mirrored floor, and the dual image on the reflective surface creates the image of an almost-full dome, an otherworldly planetoid, populated by the dancers and their doubles. This mobile set piece acts as an almost shapeshifting backdrop for the highly kinetic motions of this troupe that sometimes toes the line between athleticism and aesthetic motion.

If you can’t make it to the performance, you can experience the full spectrum of the L’Espace du Temps triptych in these following videos: Fluid Identities, Foreign Bodies, Fearful Symmetry.

Hollywood Bowl: September 5,