Tonight: E.T. Phones Home, One Last Time

Head to the Arclight for the closing night of our ’80s Flashback Film Fest, which features cinema’s cuddliest alien

Back in 1982 when E.T. was phoning home, he was probably using a rotary dial or a pay phone, two pieces of technology that must look as archaic to millenials as the handloom did to the children of the Industrial Revolution.

To celebrate our July ‘80s issue, Los Angeles magazine hosted a month-long series of classic ’80s flicks at ArcLight Cinemas Hollywood. Maybe you missed Axl Foley, Lloyd Dobbler, and Samantha Baker. Don’t miss Elliott and his otherworldly best friend.

July 29: E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
This sci-fi film directed and co-produced by Steven Spielberg tells the story of an alien stranded on earth who is befriended by a lonely boy named Elliott. Fun fact: The idea for the film came from an imaginary friend Spielberg created after his parents’ divorce.
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