Vampires “Walking Through the Valley” to Honor Tom Petty

A Goth parade will reenact (an interpretation of) Free Fallin’

UPDATE: The date of the event is October 19. An earlier version of the story listed an incorrect date.

In 1989 Tom Petty topped the charts with “Free Fallin’.” One iconic line—”And all the vampires, walking through the Valley, move west down Ventura Boulevard”—caught the ear of then-teenaged Goth scene adherent Mary Soracco, and it stuck with her. Next week, the now-adult but totes-still-Goth Soracco will be gathering her fellow “vampires” for a parade to honor the rock star’s passing.

While she wasn’t the biggest Tom Petty fan at the time (we take her for more of a Cure or Bauhaus type?), Soracco told the Daily News that she felt seen and recognized as an 1980s San Fernando Valley Goth kid when the song came out. Upon hearing of Petty’s passing, she decided it was time to invite a few old friends to put on their bondage pants and black lipstick and get together to remember those old days. When a Facebook event went up, people started coming out of the woodwork, and the parade’s ambitions have grown.

If you want to participate, put on a black ensemble and head to the Sherman Oaks Galleria. The march will start at 7 p.m. on October 19 and move—obviously—west down Ventura Boulevard, with a group sing-along.

Does everyone agree that the “vampires” of the song were Goth kids? Not exactly. But all are welcome to join the parade in celebration of Tom Petty, regardless of how much eyeliner they sported in the 1980s.

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