This Time Lapse Is a Reminder That We Live in Paradise

Whether the city is blanketed with rare storm clouds or dusted with golden light, it’s never looked better

We’ve seen our fair share of gorgeous time lapse videography of Los Angeles (case in point), but guys, this one is next level. Entitled “Last Light,” it shows L.A. at golden hour and awash in dark clouds—the result of videographer Colin Rich’s two-year-long quest to, in his words, “capture the city in a seldom seen light; torrential rain and dark stormy skies.”

But in spite of the weather, Rich captures the signature light that lends L.A. so much of its allure. It’s that late-afternoon light, “golden pink off the bay through the smog and onto the palm fronds,” that writer Lawrence Weschler pined for in 1998. It’s that “cotton candy” sky that makes Vin Scully get all rhapsodic. As you watch the city sprawl begin to glow at dusk, it’s impossible to not feel all warm and Huell-Howsery inside.