It’s Time to Admit Goop Is Actually Kind of Dope

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it

We know what you’re thinking: Goop is out of touch. Its medical advice can be shaky (how about a vagina steam?), its wellness tricks not for the faint of heart (brave enough to try cupping therapy?) and even its sex advice can be strange and expensive ($535 whip, anyone?). But hear us out on this one: Gwyneth Paltrow’s wellness and lifestyle website actually turned us on to some pretty great stuff in L.A. So, take a deep breath, get in your meditation pose, and just embrace it.

Bone Broth

What It Is: A low-calorie, high-vitamin superfood that became ubiquitous after New York City broth shop Brodo began serving it out of a take-out window in early 2015. Goop, of course, gave it a stamp of approval and even endorsed the broth served at Belcampo Meat Co. in Los Angeles (Los Angeles magazine also named it the best bone broth in the city last year).
Why You Should Try It: Real bone broth is meaty, hearty and nutritious. A proper broth is simmered for up to 12 hours, giving it a full flavor similar to tonkotsu ramen. Goop claims the broth made from animal bones can help with digestion, revive muscles, and improve your hair and nails — but we think it simply tastes great, too.
Where to get it in L.A.: Belcampo Meat Co, obviously — It’s both Paltrow and L.A. magazine-approved.  

Bee Pollen

What It Is: Most people typically only think of bees as producing honey, but the protein and nutrient-rich pollen can also be incorporated into everything from make-up to your diet. 
Why You Should Try It: Bee pollen is food for young bees, and the superfood is thought to be rich in antioxidants when consumed by humans, too. It’s not uncommon to see it as a topping at juice and smoothie — and sometimes even cocktail bars — across L.A.
Where to get it in L.A.: We’re partial to the Felix Bowl at Ubatuba Acai, which tops acai with cacao nibs, bananas, bee pollen, and a honey drizzle.

Non-Dairy Ice Cream

What it is: Organic, coconut-based ice cream that claims numerous health benefits, from fat-loss to boosting immunity.
Why You Should Try It: Sure, it’s dairy-free, but the ideal ice cream for people with dietary restrictions comes in a range of delicious flavors, from cinnamon date to snickerdoodle with salted caramel sauce.
Where to get it in L.A.: Head to Kippy’s Ice Cream Shop in Venice for a scoop of coconut-based ice cream sweetened with raw honey. 

Infrared Saunas

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What It Is: A sauna that uses infrared heaters, not steam, to provoke intense sweating.
Why You Should Try It: Infrared saunas are becoming increasingly popular nationwide, with their purported benefits ranging from weight loss and glowing skin to stress reduction and better sleeping habits.
Where to get it in L.A.: Angelenos are unsurprisingly quick to pick up new health trends, so finding an infrared sauna in your neighborhood shouldn’t be a problem. Shape House offers single sessions for $45 at three L.A. locations.

Mindfulness Meditation

What It Is: Meditation that focuses on experiencing life in the present, removing stress, and improving mental health.
Why You Should Try It: An ancient wellness practice supported by organizations like UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, meditation has been shown to positively impact mental and physical health.
Where to get it in L.A.: Solo practitioners can download the popular app Headspace, which encourages ten minutes of daily meditation. People looking for a more interactive environment should check out Unplug Meditation in Brentwood, where a variety of mindfulness classes are offered.

Bath-Based Detox

What it is: Everyone’s fave at-home treatment is getting attention as a source of stress relief and skincare.
Why You Should Try It: We can’t vouch for the moon’s ability to supercharge a relaxing bath, but they’re still a great way to disconnect from tech and the rest of life’s distractions.
Where to get it in L.A.: Korean spas have been ruling the soaking game for years, and they’re still a great choice for Angelenos looking to relax. Olympic Spa offers use of all spas, saunas and therapy rooms for $20, including the hot mugwort tea pool.


What it is: A nonsurgical procedure that freezes fat below the skin’s surface, which crystallizes and is naturally eliminated by the body over time.
Why You Should Try It: CoolSculpting is FDA-approved, not just a weird theory (although, it’s a little of that, too). While it might sound like medieval torture, it’s not especially painful and a valid choice for people with stubborn fat deposits.
Where to get it in L.A.: It’s a fairly common practice at most plastic surgery clinics, and the central procedure at Cool Med Spa in Beverly Grove.

Soup-Only Diets

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What it is: A soup-based cleanse that claims to spark weight loss, better bowel functions and increased nutrient absorption. Soups contain everything from Japanese sweet potatoes to a strawberry cashew combo.
Why You Should Try It: No human should exist long-term on soup alone, but this cleanse contains enough nutrients to be ok for a couple days. It’s also a great way to introduce new, healthy foods into a diet, and be aware of consumed food.
Where to get it in L.A.: Soupure—the star of this Goop post—is an L.A. based company, and better yet, they offer deliveries twice a week. 

Non-Surgical Skin Tightening

What it is: Thermage is perhaps the most popular non-invasive skin tightening procedure. It promotes new collagen production to reduce fine lines and lift loose skin.
Why You Should Try It: The FDA-approved procedure doesn’t come cheap, but it’s been proven to work time and again.
Where to get it in L.A.: Go straight to the source: Goop contributor and Santa Monica dermatologist Karyn Grossman’s clinic Grossman Dermatology. If you’re not sold on the procedure, they offer an almost overwhelming array of other skincare options.