TikTok Reveals LGBTQ+ ‘Trailblazers’ List in Celebration of Pride Month

The social media platform has listed some of their most important ’Trailblazers’ to embrace their LGBTQ+ creators in full force for PRIDE

TikTok is huge, but it’s the platform’s creators that make it what it is. For PRIDE month this June, TikTok is launching ‘Pride, Together,’ which seeks to highlight some of its most exciting and unique LGBTQ+ creators.

TikTok, who is the official presenting sponsor and partner for this year’s LA Pride Parade and Festival taking place in Hollywood, CA from June 10 to 12, is going to bring its most coveted creators to the spotlight. In addition to the list, exquisitely titled its “Trailblazers,” those recognized will be bringing the celebration to life at the festival.

Their LA Pride Takeover will feature two live backstage experiences at LA Pride, initially kicking off the festival in style with programming at LA Pride in the Park and then following up with the marquee event, the Pride Parade, on June 12 from 10 AM PT to 12 PM PT. The latter will include exclusive interviews from the TikTok Pride float with both attending celebrity talent and the Trailblazers on the end of the microphone.

(Image by TikTok/@illumitatiana)

Of course, TikTok will also be incorporating a series of PRIDE-filled content on its app, with themed hashtags, Pride playlists, creator spotlights, SMB programming, and a LIVE series featuring and celebrating its LGBTQ+ creators, non-profits, and businesses. The playlists serve as a particularly fascinating feature, as artists such as Demi Lovato, Dove Cameron, Janelle Monae, and Sam Smith will occupy the ‘Sounds’ page with an eclectic range of genre playlists and guest playlists.

The brilliant 2022 LGBTQ+ TikTok Trailblazers list is as follows:

Austin Cho: This LA-Based Trailblazer is widely recognized for his ‘Cool Single Uncle’ series and often provides a sense of comfort and relief for the community that has gathered around him

Austin Cho. (Photo by TikTok/@illumitatiana)

call me the toxic family membwr exterminator 😍

♬ original sound – Austin Cho

Chrissy Chlapecka: Chrissy may hail from Chicago, but their reach is global. Through their authenticity, genuine nature, and sincerity, they established a true emotional connection between them and their audience.

Chrissy Chlapecka. (Photo by TikTok/@illumitatiana)

let me know in the comments ❤️ #pride #fypシ #imhot

♬ original sound – chrissy

Cy: Cy is a queer, Vietnamese-American creator from Berkley, CA, who specializes in an expansive palette of creative indulgence. From food, lifestyle, and beauty, they have created an eclectic community on TikTok.

Cy. (Photo by TikTok/@illumitatiana)


Danny Freeman: Fresh pasta and Italian cuisine may be highly sought after in LA, but it comes as an expectation in Beacon, NY. Danny is a lawyer-turned-chef who specializes in Italian cooking and captivates his audience with videos of his craft.

Danny Freeman. (Photo by TikTok/@illumitatiana)

I realized I’ve never done an introduction post, so here it is! #pasta #pastatiktok #cookingtok #cookingtiktok

♬ original sound – Danny Loves Pasta

Dylan Mulvaney: Transitioning is a process that many experience, but not many document. In Dylan’s ‘Days of Girlhood’ series, she tells the story of her own life and brings trans and non-binary stories to her community’s screens.

Dylan Mulvaney. (Photo by TikTok/@illumitatiana)

DeAndre Brown: Everything is bigger in Texas, and DeAndre’s impact is certainly no exception. This Dallas-based creator has captivated TikTok by speaking about Gen Z’s impact on the—rather traditional—corporate America.

DeAndre Brown. (Photo by TikTok/@illumitatiana)

One thing a Gen Z is going to do is set a strong boundary lol #fyp #youngprofessional #genz

♬ original sound – DeAndre Brown

Kevin Tyler Norman: Some may simply be bookworms, but Kevin is a bookworm that spreads his love of turning pages on TikTok. His overall goal is to inspire people to pick up a book, make themselves a priority, and learn to love themselves.

Kevin Tyler Norman. (Photo by TikTok/@illumitatiana)

The amount of excitement I feel in unreal. #books #booktok #gaybooks #lgbtbooks

♬ original sound – Nene20

Megan Mitchell: As an anchor and reporter for WLWT, the NBC affiliate in Cincinnati, Ohio, Megan has shared her love of showcasing LGBTQ+ representation with TikTok and even picked up an Emmy along the way.

Megan Mitchell. (Photo by TikTok/@illumitatiana)

you get to decide how masculine or feminine you want to be on any given day. there are no rules #fyp #newsanchor #lesbian #wlw

♬ Yucky Blucky Fruitcake by IAmDoechii – Yar

Naomi: Naomi’s page is full of lifestyle, plus-size fashion representation, and makeup. She creates content in both English and Spanish, which navigates her community to love themselves for who they are.

Naomi. (Photo by TikTok/@illumitatiana)

He’s siccck! #foru #relatable #transgirl #plussizeedition #comedy #funny #bodypositivity #marriedcouple #married

♬ original sound – NaomiHearts

Dakota Wright: Dakota comes from the small town of Huntersville, North Carolina, but brings a big and brilliant personality to the scene. His legendary food haul videos are always intertwined with honest takes on life, which his community admire.

Dakota Wright. (Photo by TikTok/@illumitatiana)

pink is the attitude even for my car

♬ original sound – dakota

Thee Muses (Adrienne and Janeeka Muse): These two LA-based creators are TikTok’s favorite queer aunties, and spread their signature message of positivity and protection. They hoe in on love, strength, and spirituality to bring their community together.

Thee Muses. (Photo by TikTok/@illumitatiana)

aunties house is always a safe space.

♬ original sound – T

Zaya Perysian: Zaya is a Black trans woman who truly helps to de-stigmatize the lives of trans women through her platform. Much like Dylan, Zaya highlights her process of transitioning on TikTok.

Zaya Perysian. (Photo by TikTok/@illumitatiana)


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