TikTok Stars Are Turning Swanky L.A. Mansions into ‘Content Houses’

Influencers are shacking up in some of the city’s swankiest neighborhoods—to the chagrin of their neighbors

Artists of yesteryear may have pooled their wages to shack up in dreary downtown lofts, but today’s culture creators prefer the creature comforts that only a posh mansion can provide. With TikTok the phenomenon du jour, gangs of newly minted
social media stars have popped up across the city, living together in million-dollar manors equipped with the photogenic amenities and outdoor space they require.

Living with your besties might sound dreamy, but as Marcus Olin can attest, it’s not necessarily a wild scene. The 21-year-old moved here from Oregon and, in May, launched Kids Next Door, a “content house” he shares with eight fellow influencers, including his girlfriend, a TikTok star named Stephanie Margarucci. Living there means committing to create multiple posts every day, taking full advantage of the digs. “At first, like, the neighbors were definitely not happy at all,” Olin concedes. “But we’re trying to be as quiet as possible.”

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