This Map of Bars Near Dodger Stadium Is Here for You in Your Time of Need

When Bud Light is like $14 inside the park, pre-gaming is a must

At every Dodgers game, there’s that dude three rows behind you who’s had one too many, shouting something unintelligible about Puig and batting averages. It’s inevitable. Of course, you can’t really blame the guy. Getting a good buzz on is as much a part of baseball as standing together to sing an anthem that explicitly calls out a particular name-brand snack food (I don’t know how that happened, but, man, what a marketing win for Cracker Jack).

To guide your pre-gaming endeavors, here’s a map of the best bars within a fifteenish minute walk from the stadium. We’ve got classic Echo Park dives with game-day specials, a craft beer emporium, and a sit-down Mexican spot with margaritas that are literally on fire. You can’t go wrong.

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