This Couple Declared Their Love Before the First Kiss

Each week we ask a local couple, ”How did you meet?”

Susan, a yoga studio owner from Echo Park and Prashant, a business consultant, were in a monogamous long distance relationship before their first official date. The couple met two years ago, but both were with other people at the time.

This past fall, Prashant came out to Los Angeles to visit from London and invited Susan to go out to dinner with other friends.⁠ The two were now both single and ended up talking for hours. But the following day the London-based consultant had to head back across the pond.

The two began texting and chatting on WhatsApp and the relationship took off. “I joke that I was in a monogamous long-distance relationship before our first kiss,” admits Prashant. “We told one another we loved each other before our first kiss.”

Susan the yogi is showing Prashant all the reasons to live in LA.

“I’m taking him all around but also introducing him to nature because there’s so many great things to do,” explains Susan. “The relationship is on and we are going to commute until we figure out the geography.”

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