The Best Things to Do This Week in L.A.

Avocados, dinosaurs, and brewery bands

Spring is in the air and Los Angeles is buzzing with fun things to do. To help you get to the good stuff, we’ve picked the best things to do this week in L.A.

Monday: Avocado Month at Grand Central Market

It’s avocado season, and Grand Central Market is showcasing the fruits with special dishes at vendors throughout the market. Go on an avo-crawl through the stands to try tostadas, salads, sandwiches, smoothies–and yes, toasts–featuring the California icon.

Tuesday: Eagle Rock Brewery Battle of the Bands

Combine your love for beer and live music at this fun event held at the Hi Hat in Highland Park. On stage: 10 bands made up of brewers and staffers from 10 different local breweries. Listen to their songs, try their beers at the bar, and see who goes home with the coveted “golden guitar” trophy.

Wednesday: Jurassic World Special Event at the Natural History Museum

What parts of Jurassic Park are total fiction–and what could maybe actually happen? Find out at this special screening and event at the NHM, where you’ll watch the new Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom two days before everybody else, hear a conversation with dinosaur experts, and get to roam the museum to see real-life dinosaur fossils up close.

Thursday: Fête de la Musique at Belle Vie

Coinciding with the longest day of the year, Fête de la Musique is a long-standing French tradition that celebrates the summer with music. Carry the party on here in L.A. at Belle Vie. The charming bistro will have a new summer menu on offer, live music by Laure Z–and, of course, plenty of delicious French wine.

Friday: Mark de Clive-Lowe at the Blue Whale

L.A.-based Mark de Clive-Lowe is one of the most significant musicians in jazz today, seamlessly blending elements from hip-hop, pop, electronic, and even traditional musical elements from his Japanese-New Zealander heritage. Over Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, he’ll be recording his next album live in front of the audience. His last Blue Whale residency, back in January, sold out entirely in advance, so be sure to cop tickets while you can.

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