The Ultimate List of Things to Do in Los Angeles

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Maybe you’re bored. Maybe you’re visiting. Maybe you’re new to the city. Maybe you recently left an unsatisfying relationship and you’re reinventing yourself as the person you’ve always wanted to be and the ideal you feels a deep connection to the people and places that comprise this wondrous city and that means knowing where you can get good pho in Alhambra. Whatever the case, you’re here because you’re looking for things to do in L.A.

Things Every Angeleno Should Do at Least Once
These are all activities everyone should do because they’re fun, and because these shared experiences bring us together.

An Insider’s Guide to the Hidden Gems of L.A.
These are the things you don’t find in the tour books–the gems not everyone knows about.

L.A.’s Most Iconic Dishes
You should eat all of the things on this list. And feel a deep sense of shame until you have done so. These are the foods that define L.A.

100 Things You Can Do in L.A. for Free
It’s an expensive town, so a little bit of free is nice now and then.

Unconventional Walks You’ll Actually Want to Take
Nobody walks in L.A. is a myth. We walk a lot.

Things Every L.A. Family Should Do at Least Once
Yes, it’s not always easy to raise a family here, but one of the tradeoffs is that there are loads of activities for the kids.

52 Perfect Weekend Getaways In and Around L.A.
The part of the world you call home happens to be what people all around the globe call a vacation destination.

The Best Burgers
People take their burgers pretty damn seriously around here.

The Best Breakfast Burritos
Same with breakfast burritos.

The Essential Hiking Trails
Hiking combines our desire for exercise, sun, social interaction, dogs, and Instagram.

Places You Can Experience Retro Los Angeles
The city is constantly reinventing itself, but some parts of it remain blessedly unchanged.

Most Instagrammed Walls 
Locals stamp their creativity just about anywhere the city will let them.

The 100 Most Photogenic Spots
Often ridiculed as a fake and plastic place, the truth is this city is paradise on earth.