They May Be Toys but These Comic-Con Figurines Aren’t Child’s Play

A peek at some of the limited edition toys at Comic-Con 2013

Part geek meetup, part creative celebration, and part Halloween debacle (there’s nothing like humans oozing out of spandex), Comic-Con is many things to many people. For the kid in all of us, it’s also a giant toy store.

Every year, manufacturers release a few dozen exclusive toys at the San Diego festival, which kicked off yesterday and runs through Sunday. Acquiring these tokens of fandom—from posters to vinyl figurines—separates the hardcore fans from the weekend collectors. 460,000 square feet of space is no small feat to cover. Exclusives and signings will be offered at specific times, and if you miss them, you’re fresh out of luck. Scarcity only amps up desire since many of the most coveted items are produced in limited numbers. Once they’re gone, they’re gone for good—unless you don’t mind paying an exorbitant markup on eBay. In 2011, no one could get enough of Frank Kozick’s labbit collaboration with Wilkowksi.

Here are a few of the hot ticket items at Comic-Con 2013:

1. Gary Baseman’s Droopy Ice Cream Cone: The L.A. artist has created a vinyl ice cream cone that seems to be melting as you look at it.

2. Kuso Vinyl Resin will release only 30 of its Jesse Hernandez x Kuso Vinyl Mictlan figures, a sweet looking faux wood toy. Hernandez will be signing on Saturday.

3. MIMOBOT, known for slick USB flash drives, is releasing a limited number of new characters. We’re partial to Marceline, the Vampire Queen. 

4. Artist Martin Hsu has designed the first ever vinyl figurine of Dragon Boy, a character beloved by art fans and comic book lovers alike. This is a new medium for Hsu, so his fans are excited.

5. Transformers fans should head to the Lucky Subjects booth for an exclusive reveal of Cybertron Megatron Midnight Edition and Sunstorm. These won’t burn a hole in your pocket, costing only $15.