These Are A Few of Molly Shannon’s Favorite Things

SNL star, comedian, and blockbuster author on the L.A. haunts that make her happy

Favorite breakfast?

> It’s like a different world when I go to Farmshop. I feel like I’m in a Nora Ephron movie—it’s so Westside fancy. Last time I was there, I was like “Omigod, there’s Jim Carrey!”

Favorite getaway?

> I just want to go sit in Descanso Gardens and do creative visualizations. I’m dreaming about going back there. I always want to be in nature.  


Favorite department store?

> We dress up our dog in a shirt and tie and bring her to Nordstrom. They have a great return policy, and if you go there a lot, they call you a “Nordy Girl.”

Best Thai food?

> Sanamluang Cafe is in a strip mall on Hollywood Boulevard, and it’s fantastic with real, legit food from Thailand. It’s open until 4 o’clock in the morning, and it’s simple and delicious. They have great chicken with peanut sauce, the service is fast, and it’s cheap.

Favorite spa?

> Olympic Spa is just for women and unbelievable. They have a rock-salt room, a steam room, and an infrared sauna. It’s a great place to meet a girlfriend.


Favorite place to celebrate your birthday?

> Craig’s feels like a place in New York City. It feels so homey to me. Amazing cocktails and delicious honey fried chicken.


> I love Bristol Farms in Santa Monica. It’s huge, and the staff is really friendly. I used to give out samples at a market, so I know it’s not always easy. 

In her new memoir, Shannon talks about both tragedy and success. (PHOTO COURTESY MOLLY SHANNON)

Best shoe repair?

> I take all my purses and shoes to Arturo’s Shoe Fixx in Beverly Hills. It’s a family business. If you have a gorgeous purse or spent a lot of money on shoes, they will make them look new again. They’re the best in the biz. It’s cash only, so I walked in there like, “I got a lotta cash and I’m ready!” They’re nice, and they call me Shannon.

Best swim?

> Annenberg Community Beach House. Marion Davies was William Randolph Hearst’s mistress, and I like swimming in a mistress’s pool. It has a really deep end. Sometimes, we bring a little picnic and have a nice dinner on the beach after.


Beauty shop?

> Larchmont Beauty Center has the greatest shampoo, conditioner, nail polish, and barrettes. You just want to buy everything.

Favorite amusement park?

> There are never long lines at Knott’s Berry Farm. It’s so fun and mellow—I prefer it mellow. 

Favorite late-night dinner?

> Everything closes so early. HMS Bounty turned out to be the best place after a book reading. I love the fish and chips. 

Jewish deli?

> Who doesn’t love a good pastrami sandwich from Canter’s? Their matzo ball soup is my go-to when I’m sick. 


This story is from the June 2022 issue of Los Angeles magazine.

(Illustrated by Justin Metz)

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