There’s a Golden Yeezy On Hollywood Blvd.

Street artist Plastic Jesus’s latest work is up right now

Every year around Oscar time you can count on massive street closures around the Hollywood and Highland complex and that street artist Plastic Jesus’s latest Hollywood commentary will appear on Hollywood Blvd. Last year it was the Academy Awards-themed stripper at the corner of Hollywood near La Brea. This year, he upped it a notch and you’ll find his latest— a golden Kanye West with arms outstretched…and wearing Yeezy shoes.

The piece, entitled “False Idol” depicts a life-sized golden West in a loincloth and crown with arms outstretched. “It’s a commentary how we create gods from idols,” says the artist who will also be showing the piece at an art event with Billy Morrison at Tower Records on Saturday. “We create this god-like figure out of celebrities. As soon as those idols don’t live up to expectations, we crucify them. But they’re still human,” he told us. The piece will be up most of today and is accompanied by two bodyguards.

Kari Mozena is the Special Projects Manager at Los Angeles magazine and You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram. She recently wrote: Panda Express Is Opening A “High-End” Restaurant In L.A.