The West L.A. Courthouse Gets a New Look Just in Time for Go Skateboarding Day

Geoff McFetridge paints a backdrop that every skater can appreciate: the face plant

Go Skateboarding Day is a world-wide skate holiday celebrated this weekend. It was founded by the International Association of Skateboard Companies and it’s a great way to bring the community including professional skaters together to have fun in a stress free albeit sweaty environment. This year, Nike is unveiling a new mural just begging for some wall slides.

WHAT: West L.A. Courthouse is a historic landmark for skateboarders in Los Angeles. The ledges, empty fountain, stairs and a stage just scream, “skate me!” So of course when the spot was first legalized as an official skate park back in 2014, skaters worldwide were ecstatic.

WHO: Geoff McFetridge is a skater and artist and the combination makes him the perfect person to spruce up the Courthouse walls. His style is so distinct and irreverent which makes him a busy man indeed. Take a look at his client list and see for yourself! Everyone wants a piece of McFetridge and luckily he’s happy to oblige. This new wall is not to be missed.

WHERE: For the 12th Annual Go Skateboarding Day, head to West L.A. Courthouse with Sean Malto and the Nike Skateboarding Team from 3-8 p.m. Sign up at