The To-Do List: March 2016’s Most Awesome Media Digestibles

Season two of <em>Bosch</em> is at the top of our list

ShondaLand vet Jenna Bans skews Scandal-ous with her ABC thriller The Family (March 3). When a boy turns up after he was presumed dead, his mother—the mayor (Joan Allen)—uses him to get ahead. But! The prodigal son may be a big ol’ liar.

Badass LAPD detective Harry Bosch (Titus Welliver) returns to the scene of the crime in season two of Bosch, Amazon’s series based on Michael Connelly’s novels (March 11). Connelly’s Trunk Music inspired a du jour plotline about police corruption.

Binge on writer Bill Barol’s newish podcast, Home: Stories from L.A. The series highlights oft-overlooked landmarks (the ghost town of Amboy, the Beach Boys’ demolished childhood house) and the significance they hold for Angelenos.

Malibu has sparked turf wars since Frederick and May Rindge settled there in 1887. David K. Randall’s The King and Queen of Malibu details May’s 30-year fight—one of California’s longest land battles—to keep the empire private (March 2).


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