The T. Rex Trilogy



Last week the media got to meet the newest residents of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. They’re tall, carnivorous, and they’ve never before been seen in public. They are  “the Tyrannosaurus rex growth series,” a 10-foot-tall baby T. rex, a 20-foot-tall juvenile T. rex, and a 30-foot-tall young adult T. rex named Thomas. Together they represent the growth of the species from infancy to adulthood.


The series lives in the museum’s yet-to-be-opened Dinosaur Hall, a large-scale permanent exhibition that is double the size of the museum’s previous dinosaur galleries and will feature more than 300 fossils, 20 full-body specimens, manual and digital interactive displays, and large-format video when it opens in July.

Just watch out for those teeth. Even the baby T. rex (bottom in the photo above), the youngest specimen in the world, has a very toothy smile. 

Photo by Karen Knauer

By Shelby Hill