The Sweet Smell of Depp: Johnny Scores 7-Figure Cologne Deal with Dior

The multi-year contract will transform 59-year-old Johnny Depp into the new face of the multinational brand’s Sauvage

Johnny Depp—actor, musician, visual artist—has signed a seven-figure deal with Dior as the “face” of Sauvage—Savage!—cologne.

Depp continues his post-defamation trial winning streak, which includes playing backup guitar with virtuoso Jeff Beck in England and making an album with him, and opening a sellout art show of paintings of his heroes, including Mick Jagger, that earned $3.6 million.

How did the toilet water deal come together? Synergy, baby. As TMZ reports, Dior execs and renowned fashion photographer Greg Williams caught one of the concerts Depp played with Beck. Depp then did a photoshoot with Williams, which the perfumers plan on using in the Sauvage ad campaign.

This isn’t Depp’s first time with Dior or Sauvage; he signed a contract to represent the cologne in 2015. TMZ notes that after Amber Heard made her initial allegations of domestic abuse, Depp’s Sauvage commercial “stopped airing on TV.”

Well, much like the man who purportedly smells of the product, it’s making a comeback, and it looks like the days of Depp being untouchable are long over.

From the Dior website: A charged moment, inhabited by ancient legends where wolves are gods and men let their animal instincts reign. Stripped of all artifice, he becomes one with the desert.

Meanwhile, post-trial life for Depp’s former other half, Amber Heard, is not quite so infused with the sweet smell of success. She was denied a mistrial, and recently sold her modest Yucca Vally house, presumably to pay for the massive debt she incurred during the trial. Heard’s lawyer has already said she can’t pay the $10.35 judgement. Her insurance companies, which Heard had been counting on to pay the legal costs and judgement, decided to withdraw their coverage after the decision.

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