The SEEN: Star Chores


I go out A LOT for SEEN—notebook, pen, recorder and tip sheet all stuffed into my purse in order to get the scoop. To see celebs outside of “the office” always feels like that Looney Tunes cartoon with the wolf and the sheep dog. Pals after they clock out but on opposite sides during work hours.

Here’s who I ran into today in my “off-time” …

Heading to Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch on Doheny I spotted a photog in the tree. Five more on the ground meant it wasn’t Danny Bonaduce. It was Halle Berry and her daughter. It’s nice Mr. Bones doesn’t let the paps in.

On to World’s Market (3rd and Fairfax) and there was Kevin (he’ll always be Lucius Vorenus) McKidd in line ahead of me.

A third sighting would have made it a trend. Did you spot anyone good today?

Photos courtesy Shutterstock