The Reason KJ Apa is Nervous For His Son to One Day Watch ‘Riverdale’

“I’m sure he’s not going to like seeing his dad hooking up with a bunch of chicks,” the actor joked.

KJ Apa rose to fame playing Archie Andrews on The CW’s hit series, Riverdale, but the new father isn’t sure if he wants his son to grow up and watch his performances.

“I’ve thought about that, but I’m not going to force anything to him, and who knows, maybe he won’t even like it,” Apa told Los Angeles magazine on the show’s Paleyfest red carpet. 

“I’m sure he’s not going to like seeing his dad hooking up with a bunch of chicks,” he joked. “It’s not cool.” 

Since the teen drama begun broadcasting in 2017, Archie has hooked up with the likes of Betty, Veronica, Cheryl, Josie, as well as many other lesser known characters. Fast forward to today and Apa’s excited to see what creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa puts Archie through in the seventh season.

“We’re all really grateful for another season of work. I feel like our fans are so loyal I kind of saw it coming, but we’re all very excited,” Apa said. “Roberto is a genius. He can make anything happen, so I was not surprised at all that we were doing another season. We’re ready.” 

That said, when the moment does come to wrap up his storyline, Apa hopes Archie can finally settle down and have a family of his own. 

“I feel like for Archie, family has always been the most important thing in his life and we’ve seen that over past seasons and I feel like to wrap it up for him would be to settle down,” Apa said. “We’ve seen him go through high school and be a little bit of a dog, so it’s time to settle down.” 

Watch Riverdale on The CW. 

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