A New Industrial-Style Venue Called Project Space Opens in DTLA’s Arts District

The 4,000-square-foot building will features an event and gallery section, a a pop-up retail area, and (eventually) a bar

The Arts District is quickly filling up with concept-y venues that mash art, alcohol, and music together in a single industrial-style warehouse. Which is fine, as far as we’re concerned, and that being said, the latest venue to jump into the game is appropriately called Project Space.

Located on 7th Street, Project Space was created by art production company Alldayeveryday, who has timed the venue’s opening to coincide with this weekend’s L.A. Art Book Fair. When all is said and done, the 4,000-square-foot building will feature three separate areas: An event and gallery section; a pop-up retail spot; and a bar (which is set to open in June).

Last night, Project Space had their official launch party. For opening weekend, artist Aaron Rose has installed a four-day pop-up art bar called La Rosa Social Club, which features wine and beer, as well as a lounge-y loft area with comfy couches, found objects-turned-utilitarian bar pieces, and art by friends of Rose.

Throughout the weekend, Project Space will continue to put on events—and a cornucopia of events it is: On Saturday and Sunday, LAABF attendees (or anyone else, really) looking for some quiet time can hit up the venue’s desert bar any time after 3:00 p.m. to read, lounge, or sip drinks. On Saturday night, the venue will host a launch party for art book The Newsstand, which commemorates a Brooklyn retail pop-up of the same name. And Sunday, of course, is Valentine’s Day, so look out for a night of break-up songs, roses, and candy.

Project Space is located at 2028 E 7th St.