The Museum of Broken Relationships Will Make You Laugh and Cringe and Feel Weird About Love

A museum dedicated to cast-off objects is opening in May

What does a set of real dreadlocks (lopped off the scalp from whence they came) have in common with a wedding gown shoved into a mason jar? Or a drawer of old mix tapes? Or a small blinking light meant for a dog’s collar?

In any other context these things would be unrelated, but at the Museum of Broken Relationships, each symbolizes the deep and dying breath of a failed romance or a shattered friendship or any number of irreparable connections. The exhibit, started in 2010 in Croatia by artist Dražen Grubišić and film producer Olinka Vištica, has traveled from Switzerland to Idaho, Mexico City to Singapore, picking up new items and the stories that explain them at each location along the way.

A drawer of discarded cassette tapes

Photograph courtesy Museum of Broken Relationships

In late May, MoBR will open a second permanent location at 6751 Hollywood Boulevard (its first in the U.S.), meaning Angelenos will finally be able to donate/discard the objects that send them into a downward spiral of too much froyo and bad tattoos. Some suggestions: receipts from the gas you bought to spend time with a cross-town beau; a disgustingly adorable photo booth strip from that one night at Cha Cha Lounge (now more disgusting than adorable); the dish towel Elton used to cure you after a clog knocked you out at the Val party. In fact, there is currently an open call for submissions.

Don't burn your stuff. Give it to MoBR.
Don’t burn your stuff. Give it to MoBR.

Photograph courtesy Netflix

MoBR’s West Coast outpost was founded by John B. Quinn—you know, the uber-powerful lawyer and co-owner of Q Sushi—who is also the president of the institution. He sought to open MoBRLA after discovering the original site while on vacation with his family in Zagreb. Arts consultant and dealer Alexis Hyde will serve as the L.A. museum’s director while Amanda Vandenberg will act as assistant director.

Last week, MoBRLA hosted a pop-up of the forthcoming exhibit at Silver Lake’s Tenants of the Trees; follow them on Instagram and Twitter to catch future preview events ahead of their spring debut.