The LAMag Playlist: Car Tunes 4 U

Here’s our playlist of songs that celebrate the car and all things driving in L.A.

The Go-Go’s “Skidmarks on My Heart”
Our heroine’s boyfriend loves his Pontiac GTO more than her. “I buy you cologne, you want axle grease. You say get a mechanic, I say get a shrink.”

Tom Petty “Free Fallin’”
Gratuitous mentions of Mulholland Highway, with the immortal “Move west. . . down. . . Ven-tur-a Boul-e-vard.”

Snoop Dogg “My Carz”
Nothing but Detroit iron for Snoop: “ ’Lacs, Impalas, and Corvettes . . . My cars, they hot, my paint is wet.”

Jan & Dean “Dead Man’s Curve”
Name-checks La Brea, Schwab’s, and Crescent Heights. “He passed me at Doheny, then I started to swerve . . . Won’t come back from Dead Man’s Curve.”

Kendrick Lamar “Backseat Freestyle”
In which Lamar dreams of power and is rewarded with a Maserati. “Park it in front of Lueders, next to that Church’s Chicken.” Yeah, that’ll show ’em . . .

Lana del Rey “Bartender”
Lana buys a truck and hits the PCH with a bartender hookup by her side. Destination? “Sixty miles from the last place I hide.” From Norman Fucking Rockwell!, with more L.A. references than a Thomas Guide.

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This article appears in the December 2022 issue of Los Angeles magazine