The Gilmore Guys May Have a Hit Podcast, But They’ll Still Call Stars Hollow Town Meetings

See them live on October 12 at UCB

Where the Gilmore Guys lead, fans will follow.

The aforementioned guys are L.A.-based Kevin Porter and Demi Adejuyigbe, who’ve made a name for themselves in the year since starting a podcast in which they watch and discuss the WB (then CW) show Gilmore Girls. “I think the fact that we are genuine while also being the opposite of the ‘intended audience’ is something that people found refreshing,” Adejuyigbe says, but he and Porter also attribute the project’s success to good timing: The first episode coincided with the show’s rebirth on Netflix last October, and the cast reunion at the ATX Festival earlier this year didn’t hurt, either.

Gilmore Girls, which celebrated its 15th anniversary this week, ran for seven seasons; the guys—one of whom watched the show when it originally aired (Porter) and the other is watching the show as they go (Adejuyigbe)—intend to watch all 153 episodes. They’ve made a pretty big dent so far. On Monday, October 12, they will watch and dissect the 100 episode of Gilmore Girls (season 5, episode 13). To commemorate the milestone, they’ll record in front of a live audience at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre on Sunset in Los Angeles.

Porter and Adejuyigbe recorded their first live show (or Stars Hollow Town Meetings, as they call them) back in April after fans began asking them to come to their cities. Initially, UCB in L.A. was the obvious choice for a live show because they often record podcasts here (plus it’s where the guys met), but they’ve since done shows in Philadelphia, Washington D.C., New York and Austin, all of which were sold out. “We’re all enjoying this thing and having this very sincere conversation with each other, almost like church, in that it’s about one thing,” Porter said.

In addition to the October 12 show, the guys are scheduled to record episodes at UCB in L.A. in November and December. Porter admitted that neither of them have very much performance experience, so they want to learn by doing live shows as often as they can. “It does feel like you’re riding your bike without training wheels,” Porter said. They described the live shows as a balancing act: While they want to entertain the audience and make them feel like they got their money’s worth by attending, their primary audience is still the at-home listener.

Since the show began, Porter and Adejuyigbe have crushed it in the guest department, bringing on comedians (Jason Mantzoukas, Paul Scheer, Paul F. Tompkins), people who worked on Gilmore Girls while it was still on the air (composer Sam Phillips), and cast members (Scott Patterson, Liza Weil, Sean Gunn). While they couldn’t reveal the special guest for the October 12 show (they only said it was someone “with a special connection to the show”), they admitted that they’ve set their sights high for the remaining episodes. “It’s not over until we have Lauren [Graham] and Amy [Sherman-Palladino],” Porter said. “With Lauren and Amy, when we talk to them, that’s when I feel like we’ll have said what we wanted to say about the show.”

The live show on October 12 is sold out, but the waitlist and information on future shows are available here.