The Final Four: Best Music for the Vertically Challenged


In the August issue of Los Angeles magazine, we list 86 of our favorite things, from outdoor movies to huevos rancheros. It’s never easy to whittle down the city’s incredible offerings to the #1 resources that make our annual “Best of” lists—this spring more than two dozen reporters canvased the city in search of the very finest available—but some contests were especially heated. Like Best Music Venue for the Vertically Challenged.

Here are four of the businesses we considered, plus what makes them so great. So, which one is tops? Cast your vote in the comments section below, then pick up a copy of the issue on newsstands now to see which business we crowned the Best of L.A.

The Troubadour
The small West Hollywood club has a low stage and a great security staff, which means it’s easy make your way through the crowd. You can go where you please without beefed up enforcers approving your every move.

The Wiltern
Although the spacious Koreatown venue gets high marks for its tiered platforms, it can be tough to find a great vantage point when everyone on the platform is on equal footing.

El Rey
Depending on the show, the Miracle Mile concert hub can be a great spot for us shorties—or a difficult one. At seated shows getting close to the stage tends to be easy. At general admission events, security will probably block your path to the stage. And don’t even think about sitting on the railings or standing on the lined up chairs.

The Echo/Echoplex
Whether you’re at the Echo (smaller and upstairs) or the Echoplex (larger and downstairs) you can probably find a spot with a decent angle to see the performance. Seating is available on the sides, placing you slightly higher than the crowd. And the farther back you go, the better you can see the stage.