The Complete Guide to Los Angeles as Seen on Netflix’s Flaked

Venice Beach is the star of Will Arnett’s new series, premiering March 11

It’s full steam ahead at Netflix in the original series department. Their latest, Flaked, debuts today. The dark comedy centers around the life of several Venice Beach denizens, namely a recovering alcoholic named Chip (Will Arnett). In the series’ opening scene, Chip says he that he came to Venice “by accident;” that may be the case, but the filming locations were chosen deliberately. Arnett has lived in the neighborhood on and off since 2000 and has said the show is something of a love letter to the beachside town. Flaked candidly celebrates the vibrancy, eccentricity, and evolution of Vencie as well as that of Los Angeles as a whole. Here are 11 places—some famous, some not so much—you’ll see in the new series:


1429 Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Venice 

flaked1The insanely popular restaurant is featured in numerous episodes of Flaked as the spot where new area resident, London (Ruth Kearney), works. The series marks the first time movie cameras were allowed inside the Venice eatery—and it probably won’t be the last. The site’s rustic, wood-flanked interior transferred beautifully to the screen.

Chip’s House

520 Altair Place, Venice 

flaked2Chip’s charming green bungalow from the series—and the guest house where his buddy Dennis (David Sullivan) lives—sits just two blocks south of Abbot Kinney Boulevard and Gjelina restaurant. Though the 1912 pad fronts Altair Place, it is the rear side, reached via Cordova Court, that is shown on Flaked.

Hal’s Bar & Grill

1349 Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Venice

flaked3In the pilot episode, titled “Westminster,” Chip silently laments the gentrification of Venice while standing in front of a vacant storefront on Abbot Kinney. The storefront used to house Hal’s Bar & Grill. (“It was for sale—that was really happening, Arnett says. “There’s so much art imitating life in there.”) Established in 1987, the eatery was a Venice Beach stalwart until it closed its doors in April of last year. Area natives are still mourning the loss, though two sister eateries are said to be in the works. During its tenure, Hal’s proved to be a popular filming site, having appeared in 13 Going on 30, Single White Female, Californication and Curb Your Enthusiasm. You can read more about Hal’s filming history here.

Free Coffee

529 California Avenue, Venice 

flaked4“Venice local since 2014” Stefan (Travis Mills) serves up non-tragic java at the fictional Free Coffee (“As in free of all, like, bad stuff”) at 529 California Avenue. In real life, there is no café at that location. For the shoot, producers created one inside of a vacant storefront.

TRI Furniture

4314 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles

flaked5Supposedly located on Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice, Chip’s store, TRI Furniture, can actually be found in East Hollywood. Producers even went so far as to bring in fake street signs reading “Andalusia Ave” and “Abbot Kinney Blvd” for the shoot, but in reality the storefront sits at the corner of Heliotrope Drive and Melrose Avenue. The brightly colored building does have a very Venice feel to it, though. Both the interior and exterior of the storefront, which in reality houses Orange 20 Bikes, were utilized in the filming.

TRI Loft

1625 Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Venice

flaked6The loft said to be situated above TRI Furniture, which London moves into in the episode titled “Horizon,” is actually located about 16 miles away, on the rear side of The Stronghold building in Venice. The picturesque brick structure, which was built in 1925, serves as the headquarters of The Stronghold denim clothier in real life. The company, which was originally established in 1895, boasts several ties to Hollywood: its jeans have been worn onscreen by everyone from Charlie Chaplin to Henry Fonda to John Wayne.

Jerry’s House

721 Amorosa Place, Venice

flaked7The Craftsman-style dwelling where Chip’s landlord, Jerry, lives is Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument No. 927. While shown to be situated in close proximity to the Venice Canals on Flaked, in actuality the 1914 residence, which is known as the Sturdevant Bungalow, can be found about a half a mile east on one of the city’s famed Walk Streets.

Pink Motel/Cadillac Jacks

9457 San Fernando Road, Sun Valley 

flaked8While on a road trip to Palm Springs in the episode titled “Palms,” Chip, Dennis, and London stop at a roadside diner/gas station named Cadillac Jacks. The pink locale is a former working café that was originally established in 1949 on what was then the bustling thoroughfare of San Fernando Road. The induction of the 5 Freeway changed all of that, diminishing traffic to the restaurant and its adjoining motel. Filming on the premises never slowed, though, and in 1989, Cadillac Jacks closed its doors to everyone but movie crews. Mandy Moore shot her “Candy” music video at the diner in 1999; Lisa Vanderpump held a photoshoot at the retro site for the Sur staff in the Season 3 episode of Vanderpump Rules titled “Dethroned,” and Michelle Pfeiffer and Maxwell Caulfield grabbed burgers there in Grease 2. You can read a more in-depth history on the place here.

Dennis’ Mom’s House

17019 Lisette Street, Granada Hills

flaked9The supposed Palm Springs pad belonging to Dennis’ mom, Jackie (Kirstie Alley), aka “Mrs. Robinson,” can actually be found in the Valley. Granada Hills, to be exact. The sprawling mid-century modern-style home boasts glass walls, a gabled roof, and a brick fireplace, giving off a very desert-y feel.

Palindrome Healing Center

418 Westminster Avenue, Venice

flaked10One of Venice’s most unique homes played the role of Palm Springs’ Palindrome healing center, which Chip, Dennis, London, and Jackie visited in “Palms.” While the exterior of the residence has the feel of a non-descript concrete warehouse, the interior is nothing short of striking. Employing Moorish and Moroccan detailing, the dwelling, which was designed by a photographer in 1993, boasts an enclosed garden, beamed ceilings, a rock fireplace, three bedrooms, three baths, and a photography studio. The property’s true gem, though, is its pool, which flows throughout the space and was featured prominently on Flaked. Though the pad was put on the market for a whopping $13 million in 2008, it doesn’t appear to have had any takers.

Tilly’s House

1620 Carla Ridge, Beverly Hills

flaked11The ultra-modern pad belonging to Chip’s estranged wife, Tilly (Heather Graham), which Cooler (George Basil) describes as “the nicest drive-thru I’ve ever seen,” can be found in the Trousdale Ridgeline area of Beverly Hills. The striking 9,393-square-foot manse, which appeared in the episodes titled “Rose” and “7th,” features panoramic views, an atrium, a wine cellar, a pool, indoor-outdoor living space, a gym, a screening room, and a fabulous reflective gate, all of which perfectly befit a wildly successful TV star like Tilly.

All screen grabs courtesy Netflix