Surprise! The Broad Has Added a Brand New Kusama Infinity Room to Its Collection

”Longing for Eternity” is now on view

People who were unable to snag tickets to the Broad’s recent exhibit Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors—which ran from late last October through January 1—have another shot at tapping into the artist’s colorful vision of eternity.

The museum announced this morning that it acquired the 2017 work “Longing for Eternity,” a “dazzling, LED light-filled hexagonal chamber” with several holes through which visitors can poke their heads. It joins the artist’s “The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away,” a mirrored room filled with twinkling lights that’s been on display since the museum’s opening in 2015.

(“Longing” is one of 24 new works acquired by the museum; the L.A. Times‘ Deborah Vankin has the skinny on the others, including pieces by Kerry James Marshall, Julie Mehretu, and Jeff Koons.)

According to the Broad’s website, the new Kusama chamber will be on display beginning on Saturday, March 17; museum attendees will be instructed to sign up for first-come, first-served timed entry at an iPad kiosk in the museum’s lobby. Admission to the museum is free.

In an interview with assistant curator Sarah Loyer, Kusama said, “I integrate my philosophy about the eternity of inter-relationships into my artworks. You can share the information, but the experience is your own. I wish you will come to experience my artwork at the Broad.”

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