The Best Reaction GIFs to Come Out of the 2016 Oscars, and How to Use Them in L.A.

With great GIFs comes great responsibility

The 2016 Oscars were awkward sometimes, amusing most of the time, and painful at other times, as evidenced by the reactions of A-listers in the audience. Thanks to the Internet, every spirited clap and outward expression of discomfort will live on forever in the form GIFs, providing a new crop of visuals for our texts and tweets. Behold: these are the most useful images to come from this year’s Academy Awards, and here’s how you might be able to use them in L.A.

Jenny Beavan, winner for Best Costume Design, Mad Max: Fury Road


What it is: A bunch of dudes giving Beavan the side-eye for her unorthodox Oscars ensemble, but Beavan clearly DGAF.
Use it when: You need a better way to say “Sorry I’m not sorry.”
Example: Jumping the line outside of the Palladium to stand with a friend who’s been holding your place.

Mark Ruffalo, nominee for Actor in a Supporting Role, Spotlight


What it is: A wink, obviously.
Use it when: You’re feeling a little cheeky; a little Devil may care; a little sarcastic.
Example: Parking your SUV in a compact spot.

Rooney Mara, Nominee for Actress in a Supporting Role, Carol

What it is: Mara answering Michael Strahan’s red carpet query with a non-answer, then feeling awkward about it.
Use it when: You’re tempted to resurrect the Awkward Turtle, except you’re alone, so no one would see.
Example: Telling your best friend about that guy/girl who thought Universal CityWalk would make for the “perfect first date.”

Morgan Freeman


What it is: Freeman unabashedly tearing open a sleeve of Girl Scout cookies.
Use it when: You know what you want and you’re not afraid to go for it.
Example: Claiming you’re next at the prepared foods counter at Whole Foods when it’s clear that you’re not. 

Michael Keaton, nominated for Best Picture, Spotlight


What it is: Keaton offering up a resounding “HELL YEAH” when Spotlight won Best Picture.
Use it when: You achieve the unexpected or seemingly impossible.
Example: Successfully logging in to a Time Warner Cable WiFi hot spot.

The Weeknd, performer, “Earned It”

What it is: Boredom, or possibly annoyance, personified.
Use it when: You’re over it.
Example: Your friend wants to go to Bungalow—again.

All GIFs courtesy GIPHY.