The Bachelor: Season 15, Episode 7


On this week’s episode of The Bachelor, Brad and the women take over Anguilla where—oh hell, it’s Wednesday. You already know what happened. So in honor of Valentine’s Day and matters of the heart big and small, we’ve put together a very special, very loving list of the deepest, most sincere, best sweet nothings uttered on this episode. Here they are, in order of occurrence:

“It’s just like Baywatch or something!”
– Ashley, on how “romantic” it felt arriving in Anguilla 

 “I like it out here.”
“Me too.”
 “What are you thinking?”
“Uh, this is a really cool view.”
“It’s really pretty.”
“I love it here.”
“We are in a much better place in our relationship now.”
– Brad and Emily get to know each other better on a private island

“I don’t care about rules. I care about Emily.”
-Brad, on going rogue, sort-of

Brad and Shawntel jump rope, together, with the locals. They don’t say anything. Not anything audible, anyway. But we can just imagine what that conversation must have been like. And it was uh-mazing.

 “We are about to have a concert by none other than Bankie Banks. Probably the most famous singer in Anguilla—if not the entire Caribbean!”
– Brad

“Britt and Brad. Although it sounds really cute, not only do I not know if I see them getting married, I don’t know if I even see them friending each other on Facebook.”
– Michelle

“I picked up women in helicopters. I picked up women in convertibles. I picked up women in a boat. But never a yacht. Haha” Hahaha-ugh.
– Brad

“She looks natural, you know?”
“Yeah. She looks like the girl next door.”
– Chantal to Brad about Ashley

“If you’d like to date the next Bachelor or Bachelorette, go to and click apply”
-Makes us giggle every time.

See you on the hometown dates next week!